10 Benefits of a Video Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that video is killer content to grow your business. Since video is the most popular and engaging type of content, it makes sense for businesses to use the medium. Youtube has climbed the rankings and is the second larger search engine on the web. While video might be frequently ignored when developing a marketing plan, its benefits demand your attention.
Here are the top 10 benefits of a video marketing strategy and the affect it can have on your business.

Video Marketing Benefit #10: Improved SEO
According to Comscore, embedding video on your website can increase your chance of appearing on the first page on Google by 53 times! That’s huge! Are you excited yet? Keep reading.

Video Marketing Benefit #9: Stronger Consumer Attention
In a world where it’s so hard to attract the attention of consumers, attention is a hot commodity. Well, videos have been shown to keep consumer attention longer than other marketing content forms.

Video Marketing Benefit #8: Higher Engagement
By now, the value of visual content in marketing is widely known. Video is no exception. Whether your thinking of your next blog post or social post, you should consider video content to replace or compliment your content. Consumers are about 10 times more likely to share, comment, or engage with video content than any other type of posts.

Video Marketing Benefit #7: Social Networks Favour Videos
With video consumption rising, social networks have taken notice. In recent years, social networks have been vamping their technologies to take advantage on this trend. For example, Facebook added auto-play to videos on its platforms and videos are more likely to be shown on news feeds than other content. Video is considered as rich content and ranks higher on Google than other types of content.

Video Marketing Benefit #6: Better Engagement Metrics
Do you really know how much of your blog post was read? Sure, you know how many visits you had. That’s great. But do you how many read the the whole thing? Half? 10%? Or they re-read parts or read it twice? You don’t.

Video allows you to view all of these metrics to get a precise look on how consumers are engaging with your content. Number of views, engagement %, drop off points, re-watches and repeat watches. Better yet, you can make adjustments to the video based on these analytics to improve them.

Video Marketing Benefit #5: Higher Retention Rates
Unlike text content, video has the ability to hold people’s attention much longer. 65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video compared

So if you have a message to get across (and why wouldn’t you if you’re creating content?), video might be the way to go.

Video Marketing Benefit #4: Better Email Click-Throughs
You slaved over that email copy for days and it contains important information for your customers! But does it resonate? Will it drive results? Will recipients even read it? Enter: video. The use of video in emails has been shown to double click-through rates. More effective emails? Yes please!

Video Marketing Benefit #3: Rise in Accessibility
While creating a video used to take many months and many thousands of dollars, the production of great video content has become much more affordable in the last few years. Companies like VideoMakerFX, GoAnimate, and Sellamations make the creation of video as easy as writing a blog.

Video Marketing Benefit #2: Stronger Emotional Connections
Video is the most powerful way to evoke emotions online. It’s King because it offers a slew of attributes above and beyond traditional content like tone of voice, face expressions, and music, to name a few.

While you may not have feel the immediate need to run out and buy a product from an emotion-filled video, they will likely be at play later on in a more subtle and subconscious way. Evoking emotion in marketing has been proven to positively impact consumer decision-making, even in B2B markets.

Video Marketing Benefit #1: Increased Customer Conversions
The number one reason for using video in your content marketing plan? Video converts more customers. Simple, right? Recent research shows that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. Need we say more?

That’s it!
Now that you know the benefits of video for your business you can no longer ignore video as an asset in your marketing strategy. So get out there and start producing some videos!


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