What Video Host Should You Use?

We love Youtube! It has a very VERY large audience and it does amazing things to your SEO. But for you business, is it the right channel to host your videos? It can be, but a video host that caters to business marketing can be better. The top 3 video hosts for business are Vidyard, Wistia, and Brightcove. If you’re looking beyond Youtube, we’ve broken down these top players to help kickstart your search.

Video Host #1: Vidyard


What do they do?
Vidyard is an all around video hosting and marketing platform. In addition to detailed viewer analytics, Vidyard has a nice feature set to gather data from viewers that automatically integrate with marketing automation to help you measure ROI on your video content.

What makes them different?
The uploading process on Vidyard allows you to upload video files from your computer or upload them straight from an existing Youtube channel. You can also customize the video player using different player skin to match your website branding.

What do they measure?
Vidyard measures some of the key stats such as engagement %, number of views, and location for each viewer. A great tool is their video source tracking so you know where and how your content is shared on social media and the web.

Video Host #2: Wistia


What do they do?
One of the pioneers of business video hosting, Wistia is a lower cost option that resembles the Vidyard platform. It provides less bells and whistles than its competitor, but offers the key features you actually need for your video marketing strategy.

What makes them different?
Wistia offers a lot of different ways to customize the video player, social sharing buttons, call to actions, and more. The UX of their platform is definitely more clean and easier to use than other video hosts.

What do they measure?
Wistia’s analytics includes the basic metrics such as views, play rates, etc. but the heat maps are something else. They provide valuable insight on how each viewer engages with your video. You can easily identify where a user stopped watching or rewatched specific parts of a video. It’s integration with CRMs such as Pardot and Marketo allow you to integrate viewer data to see how prospects are engaging with your content.

Video Host #3: Brightcove

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 3.05.41 PM

What do they do?
Same as the others, a video hosting service but with more focus on the enterprise market and a larger product line.

What makes them different?
Brightcove offers an extensive product lines that includes video hosting, marketing, and monetization that all integrate seamlessly. This toolset is perfect for marketing teams ready to use video in a serious way.

What do they measure?
As you might expect, Brightcove’s analytics is tailored to provide global brands a real-time dashboard of their video marketing. This includes hourly reports with the standard video metrics and provides its own proprietary engagement score to help brands identify their most successful video content, as well as referral metrics to show how potential customers are finding that content.

Each business video hosting provider listed above offers their own unique and compelling features, and this blog post only scratches the surface at the differences between them! Make sure to carefully consider which features are most important to your video marketing needs before choosing a business video hosting provider.

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