Video for Growth Marketing – Here’s How

Growth marketing is considered the marketing tactics used to accelerate the rate of prospect conversions and can be applied to any part of the customer lifecycle. Here are some tips on how to use video at every stage of the buyer journey to improvement engagement and conversion.

Here’s how to leverage video at every stage of the growth marketing process to improve engagement and drive referrals.


Branding is vital for your prospects to become customers and there’s no better way to improve it than using video. When creating a brand video, try to focus on what solutions your provide and how they can help the viewer. This video can come as a explainer video, a team culture video, or a product video.


You just acquired new customers! That’s great! But unfortunately, most of them are still doubting their purchase. Did they make the right choice? How can they get the most out of the product/service? How have other used it?

Video is great for explaining complex ideas and showing social proof. A video testimonial can’t be faked (unless you use actors) but if you use customers in your video, the authenticity is hard to ignore.


Once you’ve got your branding on point, and have taught users how to get the most out of your product or service, consider ways to sustain their interest. Here you are free to explore videos that are fun, entertaining, and exciting. The key is to engage your customers and to hold their attention. Personalization is also effective to create an emotional connection with viewers. By leveraging personalized video, you can help engage your users and grow brand affinity.


Once you’ve solidified your branding, onboarded your customers, and kept them engaged, it’s time to ask who they might know who could also benefit from your product or services. Referrals need to be as easy as pie, or they simply won’t happen. Create easy ways for customers to share pre-formulated messages with custom referral links. Incentivize sharing with special discounts, access to premium features, or seriously cool swag. A video simply asking for a referral probably won’t cut it here. However, a personalized thank you video that really speaks to the individual, might.Try to pinpoint to awesome stuff they’ve achieved by using your products or services. Or, how they’ve helped your company grow, and in turn, are helping others.

How are you using video to complement your growth marketing strategies? Let us know!


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